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A New Year has begun and everyone starts again to think about getting and staying healthy. A wonderful way to start is with a good detox. Many worry that it will be too hard, make them miserable and sick. A good detox will not do that. You will feel refreshed, sleep better, have less allergies and your skin and eyes will be bright.

Why detox?

We are exposed to so much in our toxic world. Our food is full of chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides. We are surrounded by plastics, cleaning products, sprays for pests, bad water and polluted air. Need I say more? We are constantly exposed to high level of pollutants. It is critical that we detox out as much as we can. If we do not. the build up in our systems will lead to sickness and disease.

What is the best way to detox?

I suggest a 10 day detox, my favorite is from Metagenics and was designed by a biochemist who wanted to help detox the body gently.

It comes in a kit with a complete plan for what to eat and drink, as well as a powder that you mix and drink several times a day. The powder is full of protein and supplements that helps the liver cleanse and clear. The liver has several phases of detoxing and the powder facilitates each phase.

What to expect during a detox?

The first few days are the hardest because you are making changes to your diet. You will be removing things like white flour and sugar, coffee and diary. Remember! It is only for 10 days! You might get a slight headache and be a little tired. That is it, on this detox! Most people start feeling good around day 5/6 and really feel great by the end.

How do you make the detox work best for you?

Be sure to follow all the directions and drink lots of water. It is critical to get out the toxins and the best way is through the kidneys so drinking lots of good water is very important. Light exercise and stretching, as well as a infrared sauna trip or two would be excellent. Sweating helps get the toxins out.

What happens when I am finished with the detox?

It is suggested that you go slowly back to eating your normal diet but add foods back in one at a time so that you can see if any cause you any symptoms, such as a runny nose, headache, stomachache, skin breakout or mood/sleep changes. Many people discover that certain foods irritate them, after being off them for awhile. Most people continue to either take the powder for awhile longer or continue to eat healthier because they feel so much better.

How often should I detox?

It is recommended that you detox 1-2 times a year. After the Holidays is always a great time! We tend to get into too much of the wrong foods and we drink too much, so the body is ready to get a break in January. The detox is also very stabilizing for the blood sugar levels, and most of us have gotten into too many sweets throughout the Holidays.

What are the benefits of the 10 cleanse?

Better sleep, energy, mood, blood sugar levels are stable, toxins are removed from the body, skins clears and you feel great!


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