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Let's Talk About Menopause

So many women I work with are hitting that premenopausal or menopausal time in their lives and are suffering with many complaints:

Weight gain, especially around the belly.

Low energy

Sleep issues

Anxiety and depression

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Low sex drive

Vaginal dryness

Lower immune function

Digestive dysfunction

Skin problems

Memory issues

Hair loss

Stiff joints

Rapid heart beat

You are considered in full menopause when you have not had a period in over a year.

There is help! Most of these are related to a drop off in progesterone, testosterone and estrogen and can be fixed naturally.

At our office we test the hormone levels with a saliva test and then determine what is needed to help balance out the levels. We use all natural bio identical plant based hormones to increase the levels that are low.

Here are some tips that will help as well:

Eat lots of protein

Reduce sugars


Drink lots of water

Get good sleep

Take a B complex

Reduce stress

Take 400mg of mag glycinate at bed

Take Vit D

It is a time that can be very difficult for women, so it is a good time to slow down and take care of yourself. A simple saliva test can help you get back on track and reduce these symptoms, once we determine what is low and fix it. You do not need to suffer with these symptoms!


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