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Elements of Health...

Focused on Wellness, Naturally

The Art + Science of Holistic Healthcare is a whole-body approach to wellness. Finding your ideal balance is our goal.

The Science

Naturopathic doctors look to find the root cause of your health issues, utilizing advanced testing and science. I  won't guess about your health. Whether you have a chronic condition or are seeking a higher state of wellness, consider the benefits of naturopathy.

  • Natural therapies

    • diet, lifestyle, supplementation​

  • Clinical Nutrition

    • dietary assessment, nutritional therapy​

  • Behavioral Medicine

    • lifestyle, environment, social factors​

  • Advanced Testing using saliva, urine, stool, hair, and blood​

The Art

At Elements of Health,  I believe each and every patient deserves superior care and attention. What does that look like?

  • Appointments with a tailored approach that align with your individual health goals

  • Integrative partnerships with other therapy disciplines

  • The flexibility of virtual visits

  • A health coach to support you

  • A collaborate online tool for communication, education and progress tracking


 I began working with Dr. Jones because the impact of chronic stress and menopause had left me struggling with fatigue, feelings of anxiousness, sleeplessness, achy joints, hot flashes/night sweats, weight gain, and brain fog. I was desperate and miserable and discouraged by the lack of support from most medical providers. Dr. Jones validated and affirmed what I was experiencing and created a plan that has helped balance out my systems. With supplements and diet changes, I feel great and can not believe the transformation. I am so grateful for the team at Elements of Health and their compassionate support. I can not recommend this team highly enough.

Christine C.

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