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Managing Your Stress and Anxiety in These Difficult Times

woman with face mask on stressed and anxious

Here are some thoughts to help you through these locked in, locked down times.

Stress and anxiety can show up in many ways. You may not be sleeping well, waking up early, not falling asleep or having intense dreams. Your appetite might change, you may eat more or not much will appeal to you. Some people feel depressed or have no energy. Others may have too much energy and not be able to sit still. People often have racing thoughts or obsessive/compulsive thoughts. More frequent headaches are common as well as digestive issues like upset stomach and diarrhea that may come and go.

What You Can Do

Eating well with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is very important. If that is not possible or in conjunction with, consider a good multivitamin/mineral to cover all your bases. I like Phyto- Multi from Metagenics (only 2 a day).

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Dance around your home, talk a walk, run in front of the TV, but move for 30 minutes a day!

Do some type of yoga, stretching, deep breathing, etc. each day.

Find something to make you laugh each day. It really is the best medicine!

Have a regular sleep pattern, go to bed and get up at the same time as much as possible.

Find something to be thankful for each day.

Make sure you are taking a good B complex each day. B vitamins are burned up quickly when you are under stress.

Some of my favorite supplements to help with stress are:

Formula 303, Serotrex, Adreset, Adrenall, Cortisol Manager, calm PRT, and Trancor.

You can find these all on our website store at or call 614 985-1435.

Be Well!

Dr. Jones


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