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5 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Hello all,

In our busy culture, it can be all too easy to neglect our own health and wellbeing in pursuit of family commitments or professional goals. Today I want to touch on a few simple ways you can check in with yourself and make sure you are content with where you are health-wise, and discuss some ways you can get yourself realigned with your health goals if needed.

1) Invest in your sleep routine.

Honing in on a good nightly regimen is a great way to lower stress on your body, have more energy throughout the day, keep your immune system functioning well, and get more refreshing nights of sleep. If you struggle with sleep, run through this quick sleep hygiene checklist:

- Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks after 12pm

- Avoid eating sugar in the late afternoon/evening

- Power down screens and electronics at least an hour before you plan to sleep

- Go to bed and get up at or around the same time every day

- Make sure your room is completely dark at night

- Engage in a calming activity before bed like meditation, yoga, or soft music

2) Do a dietary check-in.

Are you drinking enough water? Eating whole, unprocessed foods on a regular basis? Making a goal to eat healthier doesn’t have to mean drastic changes or intense diets. Small changes are often more sustainable long term and can make a big difference over time. If you’ve struggled with a dietary goal before, try out different ways to meet that goal until you find a method that works well for you. If you have a hard time eating your RDI of vegetables, try different smoothie combinations with your favorite fruits, add veggies like asparagus or broccoli to an omelet, or you could even eat a salad with your breakfast to give yourself a head start on your veggie servings for the day.

3) Get regular health checkups.

Going to the doctor probably isn’t the most enjoyable activity on your to-do list, but being proactive about health screenings and checkups can give you peace of mind and help you catch problems before they even start. If it’s been a little while since you’ve had a wellness check-in, schedule a time to chat with us today. We can talk through any health concerns you are having and help you move forward with a plan to address them.

4) Change your approach to exercise.

As with eating healthier, exercising more doesn’t need to be drastic, and the key to establishing a regular exercise routine is to form habits that work well for your goals and your schedule. Ideally, exercise should ultimately be one of the best parts of your day instead of something you dread. Just going for a brisk walk once a day, doing a short yoga session in the morning, or going for a swim at your local gym or YMCA is a great way to start building more activity into your life.

5) Don’t ignore your mental health.

We are learning more and more that mental health has a direct link to physical health - you are more like a garden than a robot! If you’re feeling down, know that we have all been there. The path to good mental health varies quite a bit from person to person, and there is certainly not a one-size-fits all answer. Time connecting with friends or relatives, talking through the things you are facing with a trusted therapist, getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, taking time for yourself engaging in an enjoyable hobby, reading inspirational books or choosing a positive mantra for when things are difficult can all help you keep mental health in a good place.



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