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Anti-Aging Tips

There are so many ways to help our bodies age well. Let me share a few that will make a big difference as you get older.

  1. Learn to mange your stress! High cortisol levels cause issues with your immune system, your hormones, your digestion and your mental health. Find time to relax every day.

  2. Exercise on a regular basis, it's critical to keep you young. Find something you like to do and do it! Walk, swim, play tennis, golf, do yoga, dance or anything that you will enjoy. Build it into your day, it's just what you do.


  4. Eat a Mediterranean diet. Fish, healthy fats, vegetables, lean protein, nuts, fruits and whole grains. Eat all the colors of the rainbow when eating your fruits and veggies.

  5. Enjoy a drink or two but don't overdo the alcohol.

  6. Take Vit D. Get your blood tested and make sure your levels stay over 50. Many age-related diseases are connected to low levels.

  7. Minimize the sugar, stop drinking pop and don't eat a lot of artificial sugars. All lead to diabetes and cancer.

  8. Spend time with happy people and those you love. Social interaction lengthens your life!

  9. Get quality sleep, study after study shows how important good sleep is to your health. Go to bed and get up at the same time, prepare yourself for sleep. Turn down the lights, stop running around and get off your devices.

  10. Live with purpose, it is critical to have a reason to take care of yourself and your health.

  11. Stay hydrated. Drinking water keeps you detoxing, lubricates your joints and hydrates your cells.

  12. Keep learning new things. Make your brain work by doing puzzles, reading, playing cards, learning and memorizing.

  13. Take a sublingual B12, it's very important for energy production in the body and is often found in low levels. A B complex is not enough to cover your B12 needs.

  14. Eat anti-inflammatory herbs like tumeric and boswellia or take as supplements. Inflammation creates disease in the body.

  15. Do a yearly detox. A regular detox will remove toxins from the liver, digestive system and cells. We live in a very toxic world and they build up in our systems, aging us faster.


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