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Best Foods For Dealing With Anxiety

Hello Everyone,

As the school year starts back up and fall is fastly approaching, anxiety can be a common and unavoidable side effect of the unstable times we find ourselves in. However, on top of an active lifestyle diet can play a large role in influencing our anxiety levels throughout the day. Making sure that we are eating right and getting the important nutrients our bodies need can shape the way we feel and experience anxiety. Aiming for a diet high in both fruits and vegetables, specifically lower in starch, higher in fiber, and full of healthy fats can help reduce one’s risk of developing an anxiety disorder. Research shows that 1-in-15 men and 1-in-9 women suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. However, consistently having 3 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day can lower your odds of developing an anxiety disorder by almost 25%.

Not only do these foods help to promote normal anxiety levels but they can help maintain brain function, lower your risk of heart disease, and even defend against certain types of cancer. Though organic fruits and vegetables might not be the lowest cost option at the grocery store, trying to buy local, in-season produce can reduce costs and help support local businesses. Try checking out your local farms market this weekend or do some research about what farmers near you might be offering.

Some great fruit and vegetable options to keep an eye out for are avocados (high in healthy fats), blueberries (full of anti-oxidants), dark leafy greens (which are high in iron), and broccoli (rich with flavonoid that can help repair cells). As September roles around note that Artichokes (which are jam-packed full of nutrients) are in season and could be a great addition to your next family meal. Making sure the whole family is eating a balanced diet full of fruits and veggies is vital to ensuring both the physical and mental wellness of yourself and those you love.

Stay Well,

Dr. Jones

A Special Thanks to Guest Writer Camy Pickworth


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