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Could I Have Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, spread by ticks and can cause some awful symptoms. Some people never see a tick so assume it can't be a possibility. However, some people have long term issues that they never figure are related to Lyme. How do you know?

Early Symptoms:

Rash, fever, headache and fatigue

Muscle and joint Pain

Chills and swollen lymph nodes

Unusual symptoms that may show up later:

You can't stay focused, feel overwhelmed often and can't multitask like you used to

You search for words you should know

You are more forgetful then you should be

You can't remember where you put things

You can't focus when you read or remember what you read

You feel overwhelmingly fatigued

You have a sore throat a lot

You are oversensitive to sound

Your feet hurt at strange times for no reason

You have a slow heartrate

You have headaches

You lose your taste for certain foods

You are sensitive to light

You are sensitive to touch

You have headaches

You have blurry vision

Your female cycles are off

You have panic attacks out of the blue

You have a lower sex drive

Clearly some of these symptoms can be caused by many other things. But, if you can't figure out why you have some of these, then maybe look to find a Holistic Doctor who can help you get tested and treated naturally for Lyme. Testing and treatment is critical as soon as possible. Just because you never saw a tick bite, don't overlook this possibility. Many people never see or feel it. You don't need to suffer with any of these symptoms! There is help!!


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