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Natural Ways to Fight High Cholesterol

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

If your cholesterol is in the elevated (but not dangerously high) range, it is possible to lower it without prescription medications by focusing on lifestyle changes. This is an attractive option for anyone who is concerned about the potential side effects of statins (muscle pain, fatigue, dizziness, and low platelet count). Here are four ways you can lower your LDL cholesterol without medication:

1. Exercise.

Keeping your body healthy through movement has numerous benefits for your health, and cholesterol is no exception. Find something you enjoy doing - whether it’s biking, swimming, or brisk timed walks. If you prefer moderately intense cardio, aim for five 30 minute sessions per week. For more vigorous cardio exercises, three 25 minute sessions per week are sufficient.

2. Eat more soluble fiber and drink more water.

Did you know there are two types of fiber? Insoluble fiber is great for digestion, and soluble fiber plays an important role in regulating LDL cholesterol and blood sugar. Most fiber-rich foods contain both. Whole grains, black beans, brussels sprouts, and pears are all good sources of soluble fiber.

3. Limit alcohol, processed red meat, and sugar.

Alcohol, processed red meat, and sugar are the most common dietary culprits behind high cholesterol. Drinking too much alcohol causes your liver to produce “bad” cholesterol. If you do eat red meat, choose lean cuts like eye round roast and steak. As for sugar, recent research has shown it may actually be worse than saturated fat when it comes to raising cholesterol levels. This doesn’t mean you must cut these foods out of your diet completely - as the saying goes, everything in moderation!

4. Take an omega-3, garlic, or red yeast rice supplement.

These supplements work wonders for cholesterol, and they are all available on our online store at To up your omega-3's even further, eat fish more often (or walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds).

If you're interested in learning more about a holistic approach to cholesterol management, give us a call at (614) 985-1435 or schedule a virtual consult with Dr. Jones at We look forward to guiding you through the process!



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