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Signs Your Bones Are NOT Healthy

You are getting shorter

It is true that we lose height as we age. Wear and tear over time reduces the disc spaces and muscles and joints get weaker. However, if your bones are not healthy, is speeds up the process.

You don't exercise

Exercise makes for strong muscles and bones. If you sit in front of the screen too much you are likely to get osteoporosis. You must get up and walk around and do some weight work. Weight bearing exercise keeps your bones strong.

Your Nails are weak and brittle

This is a clear sign that you are low in minerals, collagen and protein. Eat more berries, green leafy veggies, soy, citrus and dairy.

Your gums are receding

Get to your dentist on a regular basis and have your teeth and gums checked and cleaned. If your gums recede, your teeth will start to lose bone mass.

Your grip strength is weak

There is a direct link between grip strength and bone density. A grip test is one of the best ways to test bone density. Strength training is the best way to improve both.

You break bones that you should not be

Clearly if you have a break, you are more likely have osteoporosis. Weak bones readily break

You have achy muscles, bone pain and cramping

Bone pain can be from VIt D being low and cramps can be an imbalance of magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is suggested to take a Vit D and mineral supplement.

You have low estrogen levels

Especially after menopause, women tend to have low estrogen levels. When this occurs it is often the case that the bones become weaker. Natural hormone replacement can keep bones strong.

You have a short stature.

Shorter people have less bone mass and are more likely to have bone loss. More diligence when it comes to getting your bones checked is important.

Keeping your bones strong is critical as we get older. Watch for these signs, eat well and exercise!!


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