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The Best Foods For Your Brain

What you put in your body every day is energy for you but so much more. Everything you eat has an effect on your brain. There are many foods that can make a big difference when it comes to brain health and function. If you eat foods with high bad fats and sugar it can cause inflammation and lead to poor cognitive function and memory.

When you give your body healthy foods, you will feel it inside and out.

When you eat poorly it will cause issues with your digestive system, your mood, your skin and your mental health.

Here are some of the best foods for brain health:

Cheese - grass fed and aged is best

High in linoleic acid and helps reduce inflammation

Lamb - is very lean and high in protein

It is NOT loaded with antibiotics and is always pasture raised

It is less inflammatory then other red meats

Broccoli - high in Vit K which helps to prevent brain damage

Dark Chocolate - a great anti-oxidant and brain food!

Only dark chocolate ( 0ver 70%)

Green Tea - boosts memory and has theanine which helps you relax

Fish - has omega-3 fatty acids and helps prevent memory loss.

Blueberries - High in anti-oxidants and improves memory and reduces brain aging

Red Wine - in moderation!

Has polyphenols which are a type of anti-oxidant that protects the brain and increases circulation.

Pumpkin seeds - great to save the body from free radicals and full of powerful micronutrients. Has Mg, zinc, copper and iron.

Eggs - high in choline, B12 and B6, all great in preventing dementia.

You can support your brain health and boost your memory, mood and alertness by including these foods on a regular basis.


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