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What Is Going On With My Hormones??

I work with many women of all ages and the common issue is almost always their hormones. Young girls are getting their periods very early and women in their 30s are starting menopause. What is going on??

One of the issues is that we are getting exposed to record amounts of estrogen. It is pumped into our food sources, sprayed on our produce, put in pesticides, used in cleaning products and put in lots of body care products. When we get an overload of estrogen in our bodies it overwhelms body systems and causes many problems.

Estrogen suppresses the production of other hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and Dhea. It is called estrogen dominance when this happens. Symptoms in young women are early periods, heavy bleeding, bad cramps and migraine headaches. Symptoms for older women are early menopause, severe migraines, mood swings, poor sleep, night sweats, hot flashes, lack of sex drive and irregular bleeding. For men it shows as reduced sex drive, low T, mood disorders, enlarged breasts, sleep issues and fatigue.

The common medical response to most of these issues is to take birth control pills( for women), which only adds more estrogen to the system. Synthetic hormones have been shown to cause cancer, so what is the answer?

At our office we test for hormone levels with saliva testing so we can determine the hormone levels of Dhea, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Once we have this information we can balance the hormone levels by removing excess hormones, adding natural plant based hormones, using herbs and supplements and balancing the diet. Results are usually seen within a month or two. There are answers! You do not need to suffer with hormone problems.


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