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Why do I Need to do Testing?

So many people want to know why I suggest testing when I first start to work with them. The answer is simple, I do not want to guess when it comes to your health. We have so many great noninvasive ways to tell what is going on in the body in these modern times. Throwing a lot of supplements at you, based on my guessing what is wrong with you makes no sense when there are so many easy ways to get good answers. Yes, they cost some money, but they are an investment in your health, always well worth it. I have never had anyone say they had wished they did not get this test! Everyone says they know more about themselves and their bodies then they even knew possible.

I use a combination of types of tests, choosing which ones based on

what we discuss in our initial consultation. Some people need or want to start with one test, while others are anxious to know as much as they can and we run multiple tests.

I use a lot of saliva testing for adrenals, hormones ( male and female) and digestion. I also use blood, hair, urine and stool testing. Each one gives us a unique look at what is going on with our body systems.

Adrenal testing tells me how the body is responding to stress and what effects are a result of that system not working well. It affects the thyroid, hormones, immune system, blood sugar and kidneys to name just a few.

Hormone testing allows me to see the production levels of all the male or female hormones in the body. In a cycling women we test all month long in order to see what the hormones do throughout the cycle.

A GI panel lets me look for parasites, bacteria, yeast, inflammation levels, food allergies and enzyme counts.

Blood gives me a total look at blood sugar, kidney and liver function, minerals, cholesterol, immune system and vitamins like D and B12.

Hair shows me mineral and heavy metal issues.

A neurobalance test shows me how the brain chemistry is working. The levels of neurotransmitters can be seen using this urine test.

So YES! testing is very important if we want to really find the root cause of so many of todays health issues.


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