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Worried About Quarantine Weight-Gain? Doctor Jones Can Help!

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few months, many of my patients have been sharing with me the health-related frustrations they've felt while quarantining at home during the pandemic. Gaining weight over the last 4 months has been an issue for many of us, so I wanted to share a program that I have had a personally great experience with. I lost over 23 lbs and have only gained 3 back after 3 months in quarantine!

I have long struggled with my weight and really found this program to be relatively easy and highly effective for me. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to help you get off some weight, that is safe and easy to follow, take a look at this program. You will feel stronger, look better, and have more confidence. You will be given the tools you need and have weekly meetings online with your coach. You will restructure and repair your metabolic system, increase your metabolism, and control your blood sugar levels. You will see your cholesterol levels go down and your energy levels go up!

This impressive program is called FASTer Way and it has really retrained how and when I eat. My first response was, Fast? What does that mean? I can’t do that! But, what I learned is that it is a system that really helps your body burn fat efficiently. You have probably heard it referred to as intermittent fasting, it is very popular right now. They teach you carb

cycling and have an included exercise program if you need it. However, the best way to

do it is with a coach, who helps you throughout the program. I had a wonderful coach,

her name is Katie Grant. She helped personalize the program for me, taking into

account my lifestyle and exercise schedule. Katie is a nurse and has a lot of experience

with this program. She will be starting a new session soon.

If you are interested or want more information you can email her at or go to to get all the details. If this feels like something you've been looking for would be interested in head over to their website and check it out or feel free to email or call us for more details!

Stay Well,

Dr Jones


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