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How Can I Increase My Metabolism?

I get asked this all the time. Some of us were gifted with slow metabolisms and the lucky few got the bonus of a fast one! Can we change this? Get at least a little help? Well, maybe.....

Research shows that despite what people say, our metabolism doesn't change much through the years. It dips a bit between birth and 20, holds steady till about 60 and then very slowly decreases.

You can fuel a faster metabolic rate without pills and drastic diets and this is how according to metabolism experts:

#1 Mange your stress! Excessive stress releases too much cortisol and that makes losing weight almost impossible. Learn how to relax and have down time. Chronic stress leads to belly fat. Do yoga, walk, dance, nap, take a bath, get a massage, whatever makes you feel good.

#2 DO HIT classes and weight train. Intense bouts of exercise burns more calories and speeds up your metabolic rate. Weight training builds muscle and that helps you burn more calories.

#3 Eat protein at every meal. It takes longer to digest so it increases your metabolism. It stabilizes your blood sugar levels and provides energy to your muscles.

#4 Hydrate Hydrate, Hydrate. If you are dehydrated it slows your metabolic rate. WATER, not pop, not tea, not coffee, WATER!

#5 Do not crash diet, the end result will be that you lower your metabolism and it will be harder and harder to rev it up. It does not take much for your brain to get the message that you are starving and then it holds on to every ounce you eat.

#6 Eat your fruits and veggies. They provide nutrients, fiber and food for your cells. They reduce your risk of disease and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

#7 SLEEP, it is critical for everything to work right in your body.


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